My Trips to the Land of
Bakhtiari Tribe

In 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 I made some trips to the Bakhiari region of Iran. Bakhtiaris are tribal people. They migrate twice every year across Zagros mountains in search of grass land for their sheep and Goat catles.
We made friends with some of them and visited our new friends both in their winter camps (Garmsir) and summer camps (Sardsir.)
These are some pictures.


Shorkali at foot of the mountain where he has a small hut in the warmer Baba Ahmad Gorge, near the tribal town of Lali. He is holding his hand-stick. Every Bakhtiari man has one of these to use as a walking stick and also as a weapon agains canine, or human, attackers.

Shorkali holing his hand-stick

Hossein in a camping bed


Hossein in a camping bed we brought him as a gift.

Hossein's tent, with his wife and many daughters.Hossein's tent.</td></tr><tr><td>Hossein with his youngest daughter, Hedieh.</td><td><img src=

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