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I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May, 2007. After a biopsy and consulting with doctors in Tehran, we decided that since I was to be in California to visit our daughters there, we could do the prostatectomy operation in there. We contacted Prof. Donald Skinner in USC and he kindly set an appointment for me. The operation went well and they removed the cancerous prostate alltogether. So far, so good.

USC's Norris Cancer Center

Shahrzad took this cell-phone picture of me in front of the Norris Cancer Center, with the large picture of Prof. Skinner on the front Wall. The medical documents from Iran are in the envelope we used to call "the yellow one".

Ali Parsa in front of the Norris Center

Ali Parsa after the operation

After Surgery

The operation lasted about four hours. The procedure is called Radical Prostatectomy, meaning that they remove the whole prostate gland. Here I am at my room in Norris Cancer Hospital, the day after, with all the pipings attached, and in pain.

I recuperated at Hossein Ansari's place in Woodland Hills, near Los Angeles. Hossein and Azadeh generously and kindly tolerated us for more than a week. Here I am using a laptop on a laptop stand I made myself just days before the operation.

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