Alice Buck watching the partial eclipse. Rock Bush preparing a telescope for projection of the eclipse image on the wall.

The last eclipse
of the millennium in Iran

Alan Hale, holding Ali Parsa's camera, prepares for the totality.

On 11 August 1999 a total solar eclipse occured which was visible in Europe, the Middle East, and India. Iran was one of the best places to view this enchanting celestial event.

Zirakzadeh Science Foundation, a science center organizer in Iran invited Dr. Alan Hale among a group of  scientists and science enthusiasts to watch this event in Iran. Besides visiting Iranian cities of Tehran, Zanjan, Hamadan, Kermanshah, Khorramabad, Esfahan, and Shiraz, the group watched the total solar eclipse in the resort town of Chadegan, near Esfahan.

Go to Doug Biesecker's site for pictures of this trip.

The participants were:

Doug Biesecker
Alice Buck
Rock Bush
Alan Hale
Stacy Heen
George Kriflik
Lynda Kriflik
Greg Lester
Stephanie Lester
William Green Miller
Suzanne Miller
Russell Schweikart
Nancy Ramsey
Carolyn Yale

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