I used to get flying lessons when I was a student in California, USA. My instructors were from Stanford Flying School. We flew from Palo Alto airport in a Cessna 150.

Real Flights
Ali Parsa and friends in airport During two reconnaissance flights to Rig-e Jenn area, I piloted our Trinidad and Tobago planes. These were built by Aerospatiale (now EADS) and have been utilized since 1990s for training by Iran Civil Aviation Organization to replace their old Bonanza airplanes. Ali Parsa in the cockpit

A surprize flight opportunityBahram Esna-ashari, friend who used to work with me on his BS Mechanical Engineering project back in 1980s is now a major industrialist in Iran. One of his companies is active in flight training. He kindly contacted me in 2012 and offered to arrange a flight for me in one of their ultralights.
ali in the cockpit We flew in a Czech ultralight. I was in control most of the time.
view of Ghazvin plateu

View from our cockpit of Dasht-e Ghazvin.

Virtual Flight
sgi screen shot I have virtual flight experience with flight simulator programs like MS Flight Simulator, and Silicon Graphics flight simulator. On the latter I have scored above 90/100 many times. In the virtual world of MSFS I have flown inverted under the Golden Gate Bridge!
WarBirds screen shot

War Birds is one program I have used. It has good spin feature in its realistic mode.

2002 Miramar Air Show
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