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In November 2007 I had a chance to visit the historical city of Herat in Afghanistan. This was my first visit to that country. Despite the usual worries about the security, we enjoyed the hospitality of the people in the city. Here are some pictures of that short trip, all taken by my friend and fellow-traveller Farshad Sajjadi.

The City

City of Herat, as seen from the top of its historic citadel. One of the usual scences in the city are the kites in the sky. The city is growing with modern buildings to be seen here and there.

Overview of Herat

The friday mosque of HeratMasjid-e Jame' or the Friday Mosque, as it is known in the west, is the most beautiful historical building in Herst. It was built during the Timurid times by Shahrokh and his wife, Goharshad. The decorations are familliar Persian/Islamic patterns, but the form shows signes of the northwest Indian architecture.


This rather small monumnet is Goharshad's tomb. She was a lover of arts and a supporter of artists during her time. The architecture resembles that of the Gur-e Amir in Samarkand.

Tomb of Goharshad

An old man with green eyes.

A man in Herat with traditional attire.

In front of the Ekhtiarodin citadel. In Herat prices are very low, compared to Tehran. I baught this traditional shawl and hat for less than five dollars.

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