The Pacific Ocean
April and May 2010

Here are some pictures of my sailing trip from La Paz and Cabo San Lucas in Mexico's Baja California to the French Polynesia.

I drew roughly our route on Google Earth.

La Paz

I flew from San Francisco to La Paz in the Baja California, Mexico. This is the coastal boulevard of La Paz.

La Paz street

Rocks of Cabo

Cabo is a favorite destination for tourists. Some come in big cruiseships.
On board of our boat 'Spirit of Nyami Nyami'.Ali on the deck

Ali on the foredeck

A self-portrait. We had to smoke on the foredeck only, come rain, come shine.
A Sashimi plate of sorts, prepared by me, using the fresh tuna that we caught and some Wasabi and capers on crackers.A plate of sashimi.
Our Equator crossing ceremony. We showed up on the deck in our best dresses. Don recited a poem he wrote about our trip. I and Ben were first time crossers, so after an oration praising Neptune, the Sea god by Brian, we had to drink a suspisious liquid and then we became 'Shellbacks'. Some of us wore the t-shirts Don gave us as a souvenir of this trip. Then we posed for this picture.

Here is Don's poem:

Nyami- Nyami,
Guided by the goddess of the sea
By name of Neptune-be she-
On board, we have Brian, Kat, Ali, Ben and me

We left La Paz, adios amigo-friends and all
Brian and Kat finishing a game of, vollyball

Ben-with a little help from his mate
Got Nyami-Nyami in ship shape
He worked on winches-greasing and stripping
Climbed the mast-inspected the sails and rigging
Descended to be rewarded with my thanks and good cheer
To which he responded “fuck that - give me a beer!!”

So all is set-anchors up and the lines are cut
Goodbyes to "Puddy Cat"-- Frans, Rio, Harry and Gary, Kieth and Olina
Nev and Maggie, Pixys, Kupuka and "Hote Mai"
Sad as it is, but it’s our gain, or is it our loss?
The sky is brightened with fireworks from "Betsy Ross"
Now for certain, Nyami-Nyami - is part of us
As we sail and head for… Los Meurtos

In Cabo San Lucas we repair and re-fuel,
Re-provision-- clean the bottom
Perchance, is there anything we have forgotten?
All aboard now photos on deck-- what the heck, all round smiles
For the Southern hemisphere is miles and miles

Becalmed, 3 days out on the Pacific blue--no wind -its hot- shall we swim or not?
First in is Ali- ... Brian, then Ben- ...nobody hears Ali's shout
What's happened? Ali can’t make it out
He's wounded, bruised and in pains,
But continues to win most of the chess games

We are en route to islands afar-
Kat, you are the star
What else do you bake?
Besides delicious cookies and carrot cake?
Ben and Brian, both seem to know
Which direction the wind's going to blow
With this attitude, we painstakingly decrease our latitude
Still North 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4,
Motors on -water made- washings done
Nearing 3, 2, 1,
Creates excitement for everyone!
Zero, we are here - from now on its downhill
Poor old Ali -he's still very ill
We feel your pain
Hoping your arm will get stronger
However to beat you may take a little longer

Ben--fish onI say no more
Shouts galore "here we go baby-get this, do that
What a lark-We gonna loose the shark
Out comes the skinner- Knife - fillets- freezer
What could be easier

Nyami-Nyami says thank you for coming aboard to witness the crossing from the Northern hemisphere to the
Southern hemisphere--- for your help, co-operation and contribution to this Adventure-- I am very
grateful to you all

And now we give our thanks to Neptune, the fable goddess of the sea
with one hand on the rail and the other on your heart say after me:
"Neptune of the sea - we thank you for your guidance
and ask that you give us safe passage to our ultimate destination"

Donald G. Walker

The Equator ceremony.

A view from Alex's pension

A view from Alex's pension house, overlooking the Hiva Oa anchorage, where we anchored.
One of the magnificent sunsets we had.Sunset with heavy clouds.
MRI of the fracture I broke my arm while jumping in a calm sea three days into the trip. I endured the pain all through it till we reached Hiva Oa. There I had to cut short my trip and take a plane to Papeete (Tahiti) and from there to San Francisco. The fracture is visible in this MRI image which was taken after a month, when I was back in San Francisco.

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