Fifth trip to Rig-e Jenn and Khoor
(November 2003)

We did a road trip to Khoor area, and then wound-up at the edge of Rig-e Jenn. The path to Rig-e Jenn was almost the same as my Fourth trip Hassan Mortazavi took these pictures (with a low quality digital camera, alas).

Mohammad Abad Kooreh Gaz, a small, almost deserted village which was visited by both Sven Hedin and Alphons Gabriel.

Abdol-Hossein, the only permanent resident of Mohammad Abad Kureh Gaz. He is said to have been in love with a girl from the village in his youth. When he was denied the love, he settled there and never left.

Kuh-e Jenn, near Mohammad Abad. The sand from the west has climed almost to the top of this rocky mountain near Mohammad Abad.

The sand blasted ridge of Kuh-e Jenn.

The trip members: Bahman Shahvandi, Hassan Mortazavi, Javad Zabetian, Kuros Ziaii, Behrouz Ziaii, Mohammad Sheibani, Ali Parsa

At the top of Kuh-e Jenn.

A brief vist to Ali Heydari, my companion of the fourth trip, in the village of Mesr.

Mohammad Abad-e Kureh Gaz.

View of Rig-e Jenn from a hill-top in Goreh Berenji area.

Down from Goreh Berenji into a Rig-e Jenn plain.

In the eastern-most plain of Rig-e Jenn. From left: Bahman Shahvandi, Koouros Ziaii, Behrouz Ziaii, Ali Parsa, Hassan Mortazavi, Javad Zabetian.