Second trip to Rig-e Jenn by 4WD
(November 1997)

Molkabad, The last station before the Rig-e Jenn area. Ali Parsa (center) with Miranzadeh (right), chief ranger of the Kavir National Park

Molkabad Ranger Station


Farrokh Mostofi, a friend for some 30 years, standing by the 'road' to Rig-e Jenn. The area varies several times in texture and look along the route

Gol Namak (Salt Flower), a rare and delicate form of crystallized salt, about the size of an egg



Looking for landmarks

First glimpse of sand dunes in Rig-e Jenn

rig-e jenn


Life in desert

In the middle of Rig-e Jenn area