Sixth trip to Rig-e Jenn
(November 2004)

A group of Iranian "off-roaders" invited me to join them in an attempt to go to the center of Rig-e Jenn. They had two previous experiences with such a task. In their second trip in 2003, they were able to cross the area east to west (although not through the center.) In this trip we were not successful either. But we think we found a southern pass for Rig-e Jenn. The pictures in this page are all courtesy of Yousof "Nasser" Rahmani.

Once again with the rod #1 on the way to Rig-e Jenn. There are five of these rods planted by Mr. Miranzadeh back in 1997 when he was the head of Kavir National Park. The rods act as road-signs in an area with virtually no landmarks. Here he is seen with some of the members of our expedition.

At the edge of the salt marsh that prevented us from going to Rig-e Jenn from the 'usual' way.

Two of our cars braved the salt marsh, but the water this year was too much for us.

The Down at salt marsh near Rig-e Jenn.

The main vehicle in this trip was old military jeep M151. This car is known in Iran as "Mule", although mule is the nick name of another military vehicle in the US.

Working with my old GPS after a day of rough trip through dry river beds and muddy marshes west of Rig-e Jenn.

In Rig-e Jenn after all. We named the place Pir-e Tagh (old saxaul) because of this unusually large saxaul (Haloxylon). Here we ended this trip's effort to penetrate Rig-e Jenn. We'll try to go in next time from the same area. This location seems to be a southern gate to Rig-e Jenn.

Sand dunes in south of Rig-e Jenn tend to have more vegetation.

Once again in the beautiful village of Ashin. My friend Mohammad-Reza Sarebani was there by chance. Here we have just finished a post-trip navigation with him. Hamid Boreiri, the leader of the off-road group is seen in front.