Bastak and Kukherd

Here are more pictures of our trip to Bastak and Kukherd in March 2007:


Bastak is in the south of the city of Lar. For many years people from these parts of Iran have immigrated to southern parts of the Persian gulf in search of better jobs and prosperity. Many have been successful, becoming citizens in the UAE and other countries there. But, many have kept their connection to their native land and have contributed to the development of the south Iran region. Mosques and water reservoirs are main public facilities that has been built or renovated by the donations from such Iranian expatriates. This is the new Jame mosque of Bastak, built by donated money from abroad. (Picture courtesy of Mr. Mohammadyan)

New Mosque of Bastak

Shahrzad in Jame' Mosque of Bastak

Shahrzad inside the old Jame' mosque of Bastak. A local worker is taking out parts of the collapsed roof.


Gav Guchi, was the traditional water wheel used in Kukherd in the old times. A bull (Gav, in Persian) was used to draw water from wells to the surface. The bull pulled a rope at the end of which there was a bucket in the well. The bull moved down a sloped plane (Guchi, in local dialect) to facilitate its movement. This remarkable full size replica was built by the town council of Kukherd. At right is the dome of a Berkeh.)

Traditional Water Wheel
inside a water reservoir

Berkeh, or traditional water reservoir, is used to gather rain water for consumption. Despite its simple looking appearance, many technical considerations are envisioned to ensure quality of the water inside. The many openings around the dome ensures air circulation which help the water to preserve its freshness. Here Ali Parsa is standing in one of the openings of a Berkeh, facing the water inside

Posing for a picture with Kukherd friends at Mr. Alirezaii's place. We were kindly received although we didn't know any of them before. Apart from the well-known Iranian hospitality, being a friend of Mr. Mohammadyan helped a lot.

Sitting with Kukherd friends

Ali Parsa and Mr. Alirezaii

Ali Parsa with Mr. Alirezaii, our host in Kukherd. He and his family were generous in catering for us in Kukherd. He gathered many of Mr. Mohammadyan's friends at his place so that we could talk to them and learn more about Kukherd and its history and traditional way of life. He is also the webmaster of the Kukherd site.

Sharzad's hand decorated in the local tradition with Henna. This is usually done to a bride on her wedding day. Shahrzad was invited to a wedding ceremony in Kukher and she was offered to have her hand painted by a very talented Kukherdi lady.

Henna painting on Shahrzad's hand

Tareneh, an underwater aquaduct

Reza Haeri and Houshyar Dehdashtian near Tareneh, an old under water aquaduct. This aquaduct was built to take fresh water of the nearby mountains accros the salty Mehran river. The river and the water in Tareneh do not mix, thanks to the water-tight walls of the aquaduct. Some say this technique dated back from Sassani time..